Our Story

In our 40+ years of professional experience serving in the food industry, during which we coined the phrase "Make the Junction Eating Place Your Meeting Place", we have proudly compiled a reputation and home for DeKalb County and its most popular family restaurant.  Major attention has been devoted to decor and culinary aspects, with an ever-changing menu featuring dishes made with regional foods!
Excellent breakfast, great lunches, and pleasant dinners are available to diners, and we hope the output reflects our commitment to you!

Once through our doorway, you will surely never be bored by the surroundings!  Inside, guests are always greeted with a warming welcome, a rustic potbelly stove and an on-site train that adds to our guest's delight.  Also, if you are seated in some parts of the dining area, you can see the guys at work over the cook fires!

The restaurant design welcomes guests and we hope the great service seals the experience!

There has been an awareness of nutritional health and concern in recent years and a growing market of people who now eat our culinary style of cooking regularly.  Our responsibilities include the effect of our products on the health and well being of our customers, and inspiration for concepts come from within and also from trends we read about and see while traveling.

The menu is moderated sized, offering a collection of many of your favorites and a great celebration of American items with a common theme--healthy (low-fat, natural ingredients), flavorful, and familiar.  Our goal is to create satisfying and still nutritious food.  Fresh vegetables, choice cut meats and dairy products are used to create home cooked meals from scratch.

In the meantime, if you have any photos that you have taken at our restaurant, please submit them to our Facebook page, we would love to see them!!!

A meal at the Junction Eating Place is best enjoyed with a large party!  Call ahead today and make a reservation for any event!

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